Friday, May 22, 2009

nothing much

we are still in the Dominican republic with a team of 5 and we are hitting up all the churches and schools in the area.
i was able to share testimonies and other things to kids and adults. We are leaving for the city of Santo Domingo tomorrow
morning and will be staying there to share the gospel and have fun. This will probably be my last blog becuase its setteling
down and we are not doing to much. but keep praying for us.
i will be able to tell you everything in less then a week.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hey everyone.

wow, i have been really busy running around to different schools and different churches even different places on the streets. God has opened so many places for us to go and share his word. The weeks have gone by so fast and I'm getting excited to go home and see you all.

what have we been doing int he churches and schools? well we have been doing our dramas and dances and singing and i just love to see the peoples faces when they see them. I can tell they are so touched and there has been a lot of people that took the first step to come up and except christ or even non christians coming up and asking for prayer. It makes me happy when i see this because i know what I'm doing is making a difference in these peoples lives.

This one school we went to i thought we wouldn't be able to perform because the kids were so bad. Like i have never seen so many kids not being take control of. they were running from teachers, the boys were hitting girls and then sitting on them, the boys and girls would fight each other, yell,scream and push through the crowd, try to grab your stuff when you were not looking, man it was really bad. i didn't even want to put down my computer because it might get snatched up. but we still performed and the kids were fine when we got there attention but some of the kids would run up during the dramas and join somehow. man i was mad. I now believe in the belt and think it should be used on the hands like in haiti because the kids in haiti would never dare to thing of making a wrong step. But the sad thing about the school we went to is that most of those kids get beat really bad at home. The pastor that we are staying with said that most of the kids hear are beat in chairs or tied to tables. You can really see the stories on the most of the kids faces. They would have scars all over there faces, necks and arms. they would have half an eyebrow because of a scar, or there cheek would be indented from a scar. like these are big scars. it was really sad.

I have mad some really cool friends here. there are all from the church and most of them have a very strong relationship with god. today we are all going up into the mountains ( and hour and a half walk) to have a retreat by a nice waterfall. I'm so excited to go. but the walk back is going to suck. ill have lots of pictures when i come home so don't worry.

well i hope everyone back at home misses me and i will see you all very soon. 18 MORE DAYS!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


were arrived safe and sound and have been doing ministries on the streets and in schools and in churches. everything is going well and we might not be going to Mexico anymore. there making a big deal about the flu so we might be staying the in the DR but we dont know yet. keep praying for us and check out my face book for more pictures.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

two big news

Number one

We are going to mexico!

All the Haitians but 4 have got visa to go to Mexico. So 5 of the DTS students will be going to Mexico and the other 4 will be staying in the DR. We are leaving on Monday May 4th to the DR for a week and then we (the students who have received the visas) will be leaving from the DR airport to Mexico. In Mexico we will be helping the homeless and will be staying at the base in Mazatland Mexico. The DTS team from Mazetland Mexico came sometime in February to help around the base here in St. Marc. Now we will be going there and do some work in that area and let people know who god is and what he wants to do for them. While we are in Mexico the team the will be staying in the DR will continue the work in DR. We will be coming home on the 28th of May which is a very exciting time because my mother will be at the base and be visiting me for a week. :)

Number two

I will be going to Thailand. At the beginning of my DTS I was noticing that i had a talent for making short little videos and making website and using computers, stuff like that. I had the opportunity to make a website for the new base that will be in Port au Prince. ( check it out) I then realized that I am able to use these talents in the mission field. here on the base there is a haitian named john wilgard and he is the videoographer on the base. His work here dose so much for the base by letting people know what YWAM is doing for St.Marc on television. all his work is put on websites and television and support videos and i just thought to myself that i could do something like that. Adrian Young the head director of the communications department in Thailand Had told me that he needed much help with his work he is doing.

What dose the communication department do?

The communications department is setup to serve all the 60+ ministries of Thailand. We do this in many ways. We run the YWAM Thailand website promoting all ministries. We send out regular print newsletters and e-letters to let the world know what God is doing here in Thailand. We provide services for all our ministries for creating brochures and other print materials, as well as videos and promotional materials. It is a great ministry to be a part of, because we help out so many ministries, and can see so much of what God is doing here.

God has given me so many opportunities to use the skills i have. For example thailand, also in Haiti. One of the teachers that came to the base has his own TV show and satellite/internet company that is all over Haiti, its called Haiti Satellite. He has given me his card and said if i ever wanted to work for him to email him. I was also given the opportunity to work at the new port au prince base as the camera guy and control the computer stuff and website. God is good and is giving me opportunities left and right.

I will be going for short term at first which is less then a year. If i like what work i'm doing and see that God is really using me and that i'm really growing in God then I will stay for long term. I can make the decision while i'm there to stay for long term, i don't need to come home and then go back.

Financial support

When i go to Thailand, the living expenses for short term a month is around 650$ US

-visa trips-25$

-multiple entry visas-30$



-phone and internet-30$






-heath insurance-90$

YWAM staff conferences-25$

Total- around 650 a month

If i stay for long term

-Language school-300$

-health insurance- 66$

-news letter postage-20$

-income tax-45$

-visa trips-23$

-multiple entry visas-25$


-housing- 90$

-utilities (water,electric)-30$

-phone and internet-20$






YWAM staff conferences- 7$

total a month- Approx 1000$

Im not worried about the financial part of my trip because i know God will provide me with all i need. I know this is what god wants me to do right now. He wants me to use my skills in the mission field and bring people to know him more. Now this doesn't mean I'm going to not make an effort to get the money i need because were suppose to take action to see god work in our needs.

If you are reading this and there is something saying that you should help me get where God wants me then do it because thats the holy spirt talking and you can be a part of what I'm doing. Pray about what you should do and how much you should give. If its a one time gift or a monthly supporter. Not everyone is called to be a missionary but i believe if we are not called to be missionaries then we are to support our missionary. God will provide for you if you give with a willing heart.

If you want to become a supporter for one time gift or monthly contact me at thank you so much for taking the time to read my blogs and i hope you will continue reading.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Temptation devotion (very good)

Jan 22

Matthew chapter 4

summary of what happens in the chapter.

- Jesus was tempted by the devil

- Jesus picks his first disciple

- Jesus heals the sick

- Jesus Begins to preach

  • Do not put the Lord your god to the test
  • worship The Lord your god and serve him only
  • Follow me and i will make you fishers of men
  • While i was reading these verses in Matthew, the story that caught my attention the most was when jesus was tempted by the devil him self. First the tempter (satan) says of jesus " If you are the son of god then turn these stones to bread" Jesus quickly responded with scripture and says man dose not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of god.
  • The tempter then took him to a holy city and had him stand on the edge of a building and said "if you are the son of man then throw yourself down for as it is written "he will command his angels concerning you, and they will lift you up in their hands, so that you will not strike your foot against stone. Jesus again quickly responds with scripture " do not put the lord your god to the test". Scripture quoting is very powerful but we need to watch out because the tempter himself knows the bible very well and will try and twist gods words like he dose with eve in the garden of eden.
  • The tempter dose not stop there which should not surprise anyone because the tempter attacks day and night (rev 12:10). Satan takes jesus to a high mountain and shows him all the kingdoms of the world and their splendor " all this i will give to you if you bow down before me and worship me. and jesus responds "Away from me satan! For it is written worship the lord your god and serve him only. WOW. Bow down before me and worship me. He went way to far with that one i think. This is the son of god, perfect in everything and he offers him some crapy kingdoms of the world if he worships him. I don't know about anyone else but i thought that was kind of a bold move and really funny that he would even try. But let me tell you something. Satan will do anything to get you away from god. he knows our weaknesses and where we stumble. alcohol, drugs, sex, gossip, stealing, lust, cursing, Hanging out with the wrong crowd and the list goes on. But we need to stand strong like Jesus and take action when tempted. Quote scripture if you have to, Pray and ask for gods help or just run from the temptation.
  • I know its hard because the things we are tempted with are the things we like and feel good, but that just makes us worshipers of our own selves. Im not perfect either and i fall into temptation once in a while but no ones perfect we need to be more like Jesus and do something when the tempter comes around.
  • This is a devotion that i did jan 22 and i came across it today and i felt like this is a huge event that happens in every persons life. It wasn't this long in jan tho, i added a bunch of new stuff to it as a went over the scriptures again. So i want to share and help you guys who are reading to get our of Satan's death grip of temptation.
  • fee free to go back to this story in Matthew Chapter 4 The temptation of Jesus.
  • some other verses I encourage you to look at if you are having problems with temptation are
  • -1 corinthians 10:13
  • -Hebrews 2:18
  • -Hebrews 4:15-16
  • -James 1:2-4 and 13-14
  • -1 Peter 5:8-10
  • -These are all scriptures that you can read about being tempted.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

5th section to port to base.

left, kids of the 5th section chilling around.
bottom, a mud house were clayton slept. and bottom left is me working haha. yeah me working. and the last on is the river were we bathed.

i'm going to make this short because it is getting really late and i do not feel all that great. We canm back from port and left and spent one night at the base. the next day we went to go stay in the 5th section for a week. While we were in the 5th section we started building a new church for the people. It was also a school for the kids. The first day in the 5th section i got sick with a bad cold most likely because we were sleeping out side were it gets really cold at night. You might not think it dose but it did. So im in the 5th section working and sick. This was not fun for me at all but while i was there i connected with the people so much. Everyone knew my name and by the end of the first day. Kids and adults were calling out mike mike mike mike while i was walking place to place. kinda feels good.
Showers..... wow that was an experience. We bathed in a river that was not to deep. It only got up to your thigh at the deepest point. There was a strong current that i like to think cleaned my body the most. Peterson told me that the last time he bathed here he saw a dead headless donkey thats belly was bloated floating down the river. So they waited 15 mins before going in. haha i thought that was funny.
Another part of the reason for us being in the 5th section was the crusade that we held every night in a open field where all the people in the 5th section were invited to come. We had dramas, music, talent shows and other contests, speaks and more. Lots of people came and heard about god and what god had been doing in peoples lives.
We then came back to the base for one day after the week in the 5th section was done. the church was build and everyone was happy.
We left to go to port again but i was only there for two day. I was sick again, this time i could not keep my food or liquids down and was throwing up everywhere. I was in bed and did not stand for two days. I did not eat anything for two days and i was so week. They sent me back to the base to rest and get better. the think it was food poisoning or worms by the way. we still don't know. I soon regained my heath and soon after that my feet where a little sore. I then got athletes foot and the whole bottom of my foot was coming off haha. The skin was like one huge blister. My foot is still healing but its not over yet. I woke up this morning with my eyes sealed shut. I ran to the bathroom and felt my eyes. There was a thick coat of hard mucus on my eye lashes. So i ripped it off and found my left eye as red as blood. It was mucusy and blurry. I also left my contacts in, so there ruined as well. SOooooooooooooo, now i have pink eye. its ok because i know god will heal me and protect me from anything else that comes my way.
other then all of that im just waiting till sat for the rest of my team to come back from port and see where were going next. keep praying for me.

again im not going over my spelling. sorry

Friday, April 3, 2009

were back...but going again

We arrived today at 1:00pm and we were suppose to et here at 8:00am. Ill tell you later.
we arrive in port au prince a nice house that what almost finished being made with tiled floors and a bathroom with a toilet and a square room for a kitchen. it was really nice compared to what i was expecting. We set up our beds on the floor and packed everything in the house and we were set. The next day we prayed and clean the house. we rested most of that day but then we went out to do our drama and dance at night. We went to the park in clercine Port au prince. When we got there there was so many people and really loud music. We soon found out that there was a Guinness party at the park that was averting Guinness. Not a good crowd. but there was no violence and not to much mocking. That was our biggest crowd all week, there were at least 300 to 400 people there possibly more.
The next day we went out to different schools in the morning and talked with the principles to see what days we could perform our freedom project. God opened doors and we were able to get all the days filled with different schools. We were surprised because they were in there exam weeks. That night we did our drama at another park in maigate Port au Prince.
ok im not going to start getting into to much detail anymore. We did alot of drams and went to school.

the next week we stayed in the 5th section for a week also. It was probably one of the hardest but most amazing experience i have had. Every night we held a crusade in the middle of a field that was in the middle of no where. hundreds of local people would come and watch our dramas and pastors speak. During the day we were building a church and and school in the 5th section.
the 5th section was a great experience and i made alot of friends. we bathed in the river that had a hefty current to it and was completely brown but fun. wow there is so much more to say but i am extremely tired and need to pack and wash my clothes and we leave again for tomorrow. i might not be able to talk to you mom for a while because i dont think were coming back anytime soon. And were not going to mexico anymore were staying in haiti and might go to the dominican for a couple weeks. BYEEEEEEEE

Saturday, March 28, 2009

today is the day

So we will be leaving at noon today to go to Port. God has provided places to perform our dramas and music. He has opened up parks and streets all over Port au Prince. We will also be staying in a broken down house with no electric or running water. I am so excited to see what god is going to do with us in these situations. Please keep us in your prayers for protection because port au prince is very dangerous. A lot of murders and kidnaping go on. Not all the time but it dose happen. to make you feel better we did talk about what we would do if some one stole something from us, grabbed us away, had a gun, pull a gun, hear a gun shot, or hear something about kidnaping or guns hahaa . so yeah we have plans on what we are suppose to do. so just keep us in your head and pray for protection.

Friday, March 27, 2009

going to PORT

I will be leaving tomorrow to go on the dts outreach in Port au Prince. This will still be in Haiti. Port au Prince is the capital of Haiti and has the highest population with some of the riches people in Haiti and the poorest people in haiti. Just to clarify i have not gone to Mexico yet and it still has not been confirmed that we will be going. We have not gotten the permission from the mexico leaders to enter the country. Please keep my team in your prayers as god works on opening doors for us.

back to port au prince. we leave tomorrow and will be helping out at orphanages and i think we will be staying at one. At night we will be preforming our Freedom dram that we did at mardi gras festival. We will be returning back here on thurs and leaving again on sat to the 5th section where we will be staying for 4 days. we come back wed or thurs and go back to port au prince shortly after for another outreach. Then we go to mexico (hopefully).

Yesterday we did a day fast for our outreach. we woke up at 5 i the morning and had prayer and worship till 12. no breakfast and no lunch. the fast ended at 530 so we were able to have supper. to me 12 hours with no food was not that difficult but it was a good experience just to focus on god and have prayer and worship for our outreach. God will open doors for us and we will go to mexico. If thats where he wants us.

Keep me in your prayers and thank you so much for the people who have been praying for me. i have been healthy and im still alive not missing home. haha. i do miss my dogs a little bit tho. Ok and my family. ill be back o thurs so i hope to write about what i did in port au prince.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

this week

This week there has been a lot of things going on. There has been a lot of trips going out to the 5th section to give out clothes and food. Clayton one of my friends on base loves to go out to the fith section and has been going out every time. he really has a heart for the people in that part of haiti. I wish i could go more and i would but the thing is they leave when im in class and i can not miss the classes because they are mandatory.
speaking of classes we had a teacher come from the states two weeks ago and teach us on "god in real life". It was really interesting how he was saying even trough creation you can see how big and how powerful god is. Look at the human body and how complex it is. look at the stars and the universes and the galaxies. its incredible how great our god is. There is no way that all of this could have been accidently made. god is good and made everything good. We also had a teacher come in and teach us about callings from god and the end times. The end times part was a little weird but i was just listening to what she had to say and took it to thought but some of the things she was saying i dont agree with. Im not going to mention what she was saying because i dont want to give any false thoughts so anyways. yeah
one of the DTS students steve fell from the top of a ladder and cracked his head open and broke his wrist. THERE WAS BLOOD EVERYWHERE. They ran him to a hospital and rapped him up but he's ok now. he has just been resting a lot.
Yesterday i spent all day at the beach and got my first sun burn. wow it was hot but in my head i was like "ohhh i never get sun burn" but i was wrong. Now it dosent hurt but i can feel a little bit on my shoulders, But i have a huge tan now, i am almost as black as some of the haitians here. At the beach we swam and caught big crabs and lizards. This one lizard i caught was huge. I was holding it by the tale and all the girls were getting pictures of it and then all of a sudden it moved and the thing dropped but i still had its tale in my hand haha. It was a big tale to. it was moving around like a little worm and everyone was freaking. It was a fun time yesterday and i hope were able to go again next week.
Little insight of what were are doing for the next week coming. I will have another teaching this week and the next weeek we will be in port au prince doing an outreach. after that we will be in the 5th section for 4 days doing an outreach, and yes we will be staying there for 4 days with no water,little food and in a mud hut house. after that we go back to port au prince and do one more outreach for a week. Then finally we leave Haiti and go to.............. MEXICO. so yeah. keep me and my team in your prayers because im going to need them. and dont forget to check out it still needs editing so yeah check it out.
Sorry for my grammar errors im in a rush because breakfast is almost done. and im no good at spelling anyways.

Friday, March 13, 2009


ok so i haven't blogged in an ice-age because i have not been doing alot of stuff. nothing to exciting, but i did have my first hot hot hot hot hot shower yesterday. Peterson, one of the leaders here said that i can take a hot shower at hs house because he remembered me saying that i would like a hot shower. it was pretty much the best feeling in the world. so every time you have a hot shower be thankful because not everyone in the world gets one.
I have been going to the 5th section a lot lately and have been helping peterson out with his new web site that i'm making him, he is starting a new YWAM base in Port au Prince Haiti and you can check it out if you want to. I would subject you do. He still needs alot of support to start it and if you feel something in your heart to give a little then give a little. even if its 10 dollars, every little bit counts and every bit of money if put towards the mission base.

sorry i haven't been writing a lot but please keep checking my blog.
I am leaving to go to mexico for our outreach as well just so everyone knows and i will let you know if that changes.

it really makes me happy that people are reading my blog and that you are praying for me tank you and im am sorry again for not blogging much. CHECK THE SITE THO. TELL ME WHAT I CAN DO DO MAKE IT BETTER.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

check this

Tdoay I will be wirtnig my bolg in a dfifrent way. yseretady my firneds grilfirned cmae and she is raelly cool. I mdae and gvae hailee her snog taht i mdae for her brihtady and she lvoed it. I hvae been satynig hleahty and hvae been wkornig hrad. Pealse keep pariyng for me and ill keep you udptaed as mcuh as i can. hpoe you cuold raed my bolg, jsut tuohgt i wloud try smotehnig new and fun.

us as english speakers, all we need is the first and last letter to read. CRAZY

Monday, March 2, 2009

Jealousy leads to hate

I wanted to share my devo this morning.
I have really been struggling with jealousy and i found a few verses that i thought were interesting. I know everyone struggles with jealousy at one point in there life and it can destroy relationships. don't do it.

Mar 3


numbers 12:1-5

miriam and arron were jealous of moses and got told them to not worry about what other people get but to worry about themselves.

James 3:13-18 

if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your heat ( which is jealousy) that is not coming from the heavens but from the earth, the devil.

I have been a really jealous person lately and i haven noticed that i have let the devil attack me more often by using that situation. Rev 12:10 says that the accuser(meaning satan) attracts day and nigh and thats what he was doing. I could hear satan in my head, giving me thoughts about people talking about me and it ended up leading to hating my best friend here. i prayed about it and We (me and my friend) talked about it and everything is fine now but the bible clearly says not to be jealous comes from satan and the earths doings.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

5th section

I have been going to the 5th section every sunday with jude and some other people. The 5th section is a village were there is no water for miles and very little food, kids dont were clothes because they dont have any and people are sick and injured and do not have the right materials and medicines to use. What terry dose it bring them food and oil ever once in a while. he has been doing it alot lately and will be going out this wed. He hands out shoes and clothes as well. When im at the 5th section i feel like i can really be a help to the people with prayer and love. God has really changed the 5th section by transforming the village. the village has turned to god and through out there voodoo.  there are some cases of voodoo in the village but terry is working on them. 
today we went out on taxis. that was interesting. it was alot faster and smoother then a car. once we got there we walked around and prayed for people that need prayer. once we were done we came back and the taxis set up a plan to get us (the americans) at the base first and have jude come in last. we whipped out our money and then grabbed it and dident give us the right change back. i lost about 150 goude.  oh well they need it more then i do.

5th section

Monday, February 23, 2009


Had a great time. we performed numerous times. it was one of the most scariest times of my life as well, but defiantly one of the best. There was thousands of people clogging the streets dressed in crazy clothes and makeup. singing and dancing. The haitians are so influenced by music here. when you play a song that has a nice beat to dance to they flock to the speakers and go crazy. There was a couple of fights that went on in the crowd and there were a couple of people that got shot that night. I wasn't around when that happened but i saw all the police in actions. 
we stopped in front of a big live tv station and they filmed our dramas and dances. ya we were all over the tvs in haiti. well the ten that have tv's i guess. no i'm kidding there are more that have tvs, but i was recognized yesterday from our performance the day before. a girl came up to me and said hey your that guy who was dancing on terry's float, and when we were performing yesterday two people came to me and said that they liked the way i move and dance. 
alot of guys were walking around with condoms hanging on a chain that they wore around there neck and in the side of there hats. all the girls would be wearing these little clothes even if they were huge. ha. but this was a place that needed our light to shine through and it is god who protected us that night.
the only time i was scared was when we were on our way back to the base and i was sitting on the back of the float with a bunch of people. there was a bunch of guys following our float dancing and lifting up there shirts, punching and kicking each-other, swearing and cursing, but they never touched any of us. Mariam who is 16, was siting decide me, she was one of the students at the ywam base. she had these shoes that looked like they were going to fall off and i told her that she might want to take of her shoes because they are going to drop. she said oh no they will be fine and what do you know her shoe falls off into this crowd of crazy people and she screams "oh no my shoe my shoe my shoe". i just watched it fall away into the crowed and no one was getting it for her so i jumped off and keep my eye on it. i felt like i was in the lion king at that part where simba was trapped in all of those antelope things but anyways. I was almost at the shoe and some guy swooped it up and ran towards the float. i started to follow him and was going to get that shoe back but he ended up giving it back to mariam. wow what a relef, to think that i didn't have to go beat up this guy for a shoe haha no i'm kidding but i'm happy she got her shoe back.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

spiritual warfare

sooo my blog... ya i don't write on it too much but i am way too busy to write. im going to try and write sat and wed, but dont count on it.
this week we have been talking about spiritual warfare with terry. terry is the head guy at this base and his teachings put you to sleep. He has a good message and all and i understand everything but his teaching puts you to sleep. he will start with a point and then go into a huge story forgetting what he talked about. he even says to himself "what was i talking about"
on friday we went out to the section where mardigras will be held to pray and sing songs to defeat the enemy, claiming the land. before we left our truck stopped running. we could not get it started. the truck was in perfect condition and nothing was wrong with it before. everyone was in the back of the truck thinking what was going on. We soon realized that this was just satan not wanting us to go and pray over Gods land where the party will be taking place. We started praying in the back while terry was starting the truck. the truck just would not catch and start. We started to sing songs of praise and the louder we got the closer we could hear the truck starting. all of a sudden the truck caught and we were off. i thought that was a really cool experience of spiritual warfare.
Were going out tonight to mardigras to perform out dramas and dances and shine our light in the darkness. I am excited but i'm nervous at the same time. Im not the kind of person to go out and do these types of things in front of a large crowd, but i'm going to do my best.  
today i went in the pool for the first time since i have been here. It was really nice. not to cold. Clayton my new friend here on the base went with me. he is a really cool guy from iowa. ill tell you how mardigras goes. if i don't write for two week then i was probably killed while performing. 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

the most exhausting week so far

so we have been learning dramas and dances for when we go on outreaches and i dont know how im still standing. I have been so exhausted. I have the dance and dramas down tho. today we were learning how to set up lighting and sound and the fog machine. im in charge of the fog. its fun i guess. wow im so tired. ugh. ok well what else. ummm nothing much just the same getting up at 5 and eating every couple hours. i know now that we are going to the states for outreach. i think were going to pa,fl,and tx. i dont really want to go to the states but i have to do what i have to do. We leave in march and we come back in the end of may. 
in two weeks we will be going to the 5th section. its a poor part of st.marc with no water and barley any food. the people are always sick and there is lots of voodoo. we will be staying there for 4 days reaching out to people and casting voodoo out of homes. cant wait. 
sorry if there are any spelling mistakes im just really tired and dont care right now. peace

Saturday, February 7, 2009

more company

yesterday was the last day of Cory's teachings on the holy spirit. It was a great week of learning and i enjoyed it alot. on fri we prayed for Brandon and worshiped. Brandon it this guys from the pa team who has been in a wheelchair for over 12 years. he got into a car accident when he was just young. he lost the ability to work his legs and his hands and to speak. he tough me some sign language. while we were all standing around brandon laying hands and worshiping the lord i asked to be filled with the holy spirit and to heal Brandons condition. people were crying,singing and dancing. that day was the first day i have truly felt the holy spirit and the presence of god. I love it so much that i try to do it every day in worship. when im filled with the holy spirit i feel light and tingly. goosebumps come over me every 30 seconds or so. its just a calm loving feeling that i think everyone should strive to do. 
Hailee came yesterday again for one day before she left for home. we talked and hung out till 1:30am, and then got up at 6, that was not fun at all. It was a sad time when she had to go but she said that she's coming back in may for my graduation.  after she left i washed some clothes till 12 or so and then passed out till 5. after supper we all went to the beach and watched the sun set. we sang together and at least 30 40 people came over and started to sing with us. it was amazing. all i could think of was when jesus was on the earth and how people drew to him when he started to talk about his father. little kids were dancing and singing at the top of there lungs. i could not stop smiling. i have some pictures but ill put them on later.

thanks for reading, and remember to seek the presence of jesus and the holy spirit because its an amazing feeling. we all have the ability we just need to ask to be filed with the holy spirit.

more company

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


k so i need to start writing on my blog alot more then what i have been doing. I am really sorry but i get so distracted here. there is just to many things i can do.  well lets start with yesterday. yesterday we started to paint the base. we picked out two colors that the inside of the base will be. i like the colors but allot of people dont. oh well. I got lots of paint on my hands and in my hair and i think i still have some in my hair. Might be getting my hair breaded by my friend coline. i think thats how you spell her name. i told her to only do half my head though just because i cant afford my whole head to be done.  but she said i dont have to pay.  i told her that i still only want half my head breaded just in case i dont like it. 
right now our speaker this week cory from P.A usa and he is really cool. Were talking about the holy spirit and im really enjoying it. he is really spiritual and hardcore like the ones at Bethel. haha. 
we went for ice cream around 9. just a  30 minute walk in the city of st. marc. I was a interesting walk and the ice cream was very good. it is always nice to have a nice cold tast in yur mouth. 
got to go to work tho 

my devo that i would like to share.

John 14:15-17
Jesus is talking about the way we can get to his father. 
he says: If you love me you will obey what i command. and I will ask the father, and he will give you another counselor to be with you forever--- the spirit of truth.
-Jesus promises the holy spirit to us when we accept and obey christ. The holy spirit is the most important and best gift god could ever give to us. the holy sprit is given to us by the father through the son and then to us. you can see that is true by the scripture i jus wrote. "and then i will ask the father". 
- in all the passages about the holy spirit, the holy spirit is referred to as HIM or HE. therefor he is a person. father spirit son. 3 in 1. 
- th holy spirit is a very powerful gift and you need to be asking for more of the holy spirit every day. more of you less of me.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

wow so i haven't been typing for a while but i'm going to tell you what i have been doing. i went to a haitian wedding. wow boring, i didn't really pay attention to any of it because this kid from another YWAM base would not stop talking to me haha. after the wedding we had cake and food and went bak home. it was very interesting but i don't think that i will want to go to another one. my lips are all healed but its happening again. i keep eating mangos and i cant stop. they are so addicting. two days ago Hailee and Daniel came to come visit me. there still here today and there about to leave this afternoon. Hailee cut my hair and it looks good. 
I have been really praying for what i should be doing after i graduate from ywama nd god has told me to stay with ywam, i asked to show me where i should go and where i should be and for something to come up. week later a guy named bill from the Jamaica ywam base came to teach our class and he brought up that he will be starting a new ywam base on one of the islands in the grenadines off of st.vincent. He said that he will be needing staff because he only has three staff so far. they will be focusing on children's camp and dts. I came to him wih some questions and he asked me some questions. he wanted to know if i have had camp experience and if i was able to work with computers because he want to set up internet cafes. Everything just fell into place and he gave me his contact card. He said i will have to go to the jamacia wyam base first and then when the team moves the the island i would go with them. I am going to pray on it and see how things work out. dont want to be making decisions to quickly.

the photos are from the wedding and on the beach picure. the first one

Saturday, January 24, 2009

feeling better

OK. the pain from my stomach is gone and my lips are healing. the swelling went down and a riped of the scabs to fin a fresh layer or lip skin. feels so good. I'm still working lots on the school and almost passed out a couple of times. there is a guy named wess who the Haitians call lazy wess. hes a riped guy and really strong but hes just so lazy ha. so he picks up the shovel and scoops maybe 4 scoops and then he takes a 10 min break. really annoying but what can i do. he is American tho that could explain a little bit.
today some compassion kids came to the base because there is a team from Oregon that have sponsored kids in Haiti and they showed up today to visit there Spencer's. it was really touching. im learning how to play guitar. i have gotten down I'm trading my sorrows and another christian song. i also made one up with a girls named ester.
I'm going to a Haitian wedding today and I'm prepared to be board. hope i have fun tho. I'm going to get ready for it and ill be back some other time.

Monday, January 19, 2009

so sick

in the middle of last night i was craping like no other. now if this is disturbing you so far please stop reading. so i got up three times in the night to go to the bathroom. i have never felt anything like this before. When i went i felt like i was peeing like a girl or something. it was all liquid no solid what so ever. i felt fine until i woke up this morning.i had to go to the bathroom right when i got up and i felt like i was going to trough up. i waited by the toilet but nothing came up. i missed breakfast,quiet time,school,lunch,work and now supper. I could not move one bit. my muscles were sore, i was shaking, coughing and i felt like i had to throw up every second. lucy brought my some water and some salt that hydrates you. i took three pills for diarrhea and bo made me this nasty cold tea that helps the stomach.  i feel a lot better now since i had a  19 hour sleep. i think ill be fine for tomorrow and i will keep you updated. 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

more hard work.

i haven't been writing for a while because i have been working to hard and im way to tired. but its the weekend now and i get to rest. i got to sleep in today but for some reason i got up at 9 30. oh well. i just had spaghetti and i plan on going into town with philipson. were going to go to his family and visit. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a good but hard working day at ywam.

ok so this morning i woke up at 5:30, as usual, and eat breakfast it was the same thing we had yesterday. ppand j. i went to class around 8 and ended at 12. today we were learning how to hear the voice of god. very interesting. today i had to work really hard. my job from 1 to 5 was to get big rock from one side of the base to the other. i also had to pick weeds in the middle of the field. no shade, just wide open in 90 degree weather. fun fun fun. god really worked on my heart today i think. in my head i wanted to give up but i knew that that was satan speaking and not of god. we learned that today in school that the devil speaks to us alot. trying to make us quite and give up. i keep going tho. thinking positive. after the weeds i helped jude plant flowers in the front 
yard and water the grass that part was not as bad. after everything was done i felt a joy and relief in my heart for accomplishing my goals and it was because i did not give u. tonight i got to  talk to mariah and aunt stacey and hailee on skype. my friends sang them songs and talk about mariah. haha they think she is beautiful inside and out. anyways im really tiered and need to get up early. peace

Monday, January 12, 2009

first day of school

we wake up at 5 45 to make breakfast for 6. then we have worship with everyone. there is a group here from mexico and gwadaloop, i think thats how you spell it. anyways after worship we have quiet time to ourselves to talk to god. I was reading james chapter 4 which was all about submitting yourself to god which i s what i need to do throughout ywam. after quiet time we start school. 8:30 to 12. not to long but we dident do much today because we talked about that we will be doing. after school we have lunch. we had rice and chicken. mmmmmm. it was so good. after lunch we do work around the bass or in the city for 4 hours till 5. a filled 200 bootles with oil for cooking. i also packed a bunch of bags with rice. all of this was for the outreach team from mexico. they are going out to a city to hang out food and cooking oil for people tomorrow. i was finally done and i got eat supper. after supper i went to leums house to play wii. i just made friends with leum tonight but hes 8 so ya. i know im cool.

second day on a sunday

wake up around 8 or 9 i dont really remember when exactly it was but i got up had a nice shower and did all my stuff. the showers are very nice. I thought there would be a bucket and a cup but they have running water. you just had to pull on a little handle for the water to flow. anyways we eat breakfast. i think it was pp and j and water. very delicious.  i got to know all the haitians yesterday and i was very happy. my friend philipson is so cool. he speaks good english and he teaches my creol. we held church here around 6 pm and we filled the cafe. The music was awesome. jude the guy singer is so good at singing. i have never heard a male voice that makes my skin shiver. anyways i dident do much that day because sat and sundays are rest days. 

my view out my window and my bed

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finaly here

I land in PAP and i get to the customs counter, i noticed that my bag that is on my back is not a heavy as it was when i got on the plane. i ran back outside and went to the plane and told the guy that my laptop was still on the plane. he asked me what it looks like and went up and got it. thank ya JESUS.  So I went all the way back and went through customs and proceeded to the baggage clam. I waited and waited and nothing came. so i was thinking to my self that the bag had come yesterday because i missed my flight. so i went to the baggage sevice desk and she said that it is here and i need to pick it up somewhere else. she directs me out side and to turn left and keep going. So i do that and i dont see anything. People are coming up to me saying things i dont even know what there saying. anyways a guy jumps in front of me with this sign with my name on it and my picture. he said mike .....mike johnson. i am here to drive yu to ywam. so... i explain to him that i need to pick up my suit case at this place. he said that is fine and took me. do you know how far that place was were he took me. 5 min walk down the road with cars wizzing buy and people yelling and screaming. How in the world did that lady at the desk think i would be able to get there on my own. 
ok so i get my stuff and were off. 3 hours drive to st marc. fun. NAT. we arrive and i am greeted by a haitin by the name of George. he took me to the place i was staying and i unpacked. I made a new friend on my first day. his name is philpson. yes he is Haitian and he can speak a little english. he showed me around and we watched tv. STE UP 2 was on and he was lovin it haha. it was in french tho so it wasent to enjoyable for me. i started to ask him what else is here, ok so this might blow you away but he said we have tv, we have a wii system, we have a pool, we have internet, we have a soccer field with grass, and we have a basketball court. I WAS LIKE WHAT. so ya thats right we played wii till 1 in the morning. that was my day and today is another. let ya know how it goes.

Friday, January 9, 2009

waiting waiting waiting.

me on the patio of the hotel board and enjoying the sun

sooo.... i got to flint and hopped on thew plane with no problems. I got to atlanta and hopped on another plane. no problems, now im in tampa and im here for a while. I arrive right on time and have an hour to get to my next plane, I had to go through security again because i was changing airlines, delta to american. Anyways once i go through the first part of security, were you have to take off everything and walk through the medal detector i was pulled aside right away. She patted me down because of my "baggy sweater". righhhhhhhhhht. they then put me in this huge machine that spun around me really fast and then blew air on my body. at this time i have little time to get to my flight, mabey 20 mins.  tey then tell me that my laptop failed a test that they do on them. they thought it was some sorta bomb or something. So the swabed it all over and all over my belongings and they found that there is some sorta material on my stuff that they dident know what it was. the held me for 30 mins and at this time i knew my plane was being boarded. they finally came to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with my laptop and had me on my way to my so called flight. well i arrive at my gate and i was greeted by a young lady who knew my name. she said that it left and blah blah blah blah blah. she said she will try to get me on the next one. she then figured out that i will get to miami but i would not be able to get to Port au Prince. they sent me to the ticket area to speak about a room i can stay in. the manager got me a room in the marriott for a night and i was very happy. i was able to contact ywam and let them know that i will not be arriving till tomorrow at 12:30.
praise the lord that i was able to get and early flight, a room, and was able to get a hold of ywam to let them know.  no i have been bumming around the airport taking advantage of there amazing internet. thats my story for today and i hope that tommorow brings something not so exciting.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A little nervous

Toady was CRAZY. I was packing and running around with my mom everywhere. I think we got everything but i know i will be forgetting something. I always do. Just want to add in this post that i am very thankful for you mom, the way you handled the situation today and dident flip out TO much. i know you were frustrated. thanks

I am 9 hours away from leaving this crap whole place called sarnia, hah. cant wait but a little part inside me is nervous. I dont know if its the flying thing, or not knowing what im getting into. not that i think im getting into anything boring or bad, its just the fact that i dont know where and whos all going to be there. And im definitely not nervous about leaving home. THANK GOD FOR THAT. I wont have to listen to any "Who left the oatmeal box empty!" Or "get off the Xbox, mariah needs on the internet!", things like that i will not miss hhaha. But i can say that i will kinda miss the dogs, and my family to i guess. well my next post will probably be when im in haiti.
peace out 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I rolled out of my bed this morning around 11:30 and plopped my self down on the computer. I noticed a little 1 above my mail icon. I opened the mail and what do ya know, i got an email from Haiti. I WAS EXCEPTED. so i started packing and ran around for some things i need to bring with me. SO EXCITED

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Before there was YWAM

I am waiting to hear back to see if i will be attending YWAM Haiti this sunday. I have just sent them the last sheet that they need to except me. Cutting it a little close i would say!