Friday, May 22, 2009

nothing much

we are still in the Dominican republic with a team of 5 and we are hitting up all the churches and schools in the area.
i was able to share testimonies and other things to kids and adults. We are leaving for the city of Santo Domingo tomorrow
morning and will be staying there to share the gospel and have fun. This will probably be my last blog becuase its setteling
down and we are not doing to much. but keep praying for us.
i will be able to tell you everything in less then a week.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Hey everyone.

wow, i have been really busy running around to different schools and different churches even different places on the streets. God has opened so many places for us to go and share his word. The weeks have gone by so fast and I'm getting excited to go home and see you all.

what have we been doing int he churches and schools? well we have been doing our dramas and dances and singing and i just love to see the peoples faces when they see them. I can tell they are so touched and there has been a lot of people that took the first step to come up and except christ or even non christians coming up and asking for prayer. It makes me happy when i see this because i know what I'm doing is making a difference in these peoples lives.

This one school we went to i thought we wouldn't be able to perform because the kids were so bad. Like i have never seen so many kids not being take control of. they were running from teachers, the boys were hitting girls and then sitting on them, the boys and girls would fight each other, yell,scream and push through the crowd, try to grab your stuff when you were not looking, man it was really bad. i didn't even want to put down my computer because it might get snatched up. but we still performed and the kids were fine when we got there attention but some of the kids would run up during the dramas and join somehow. man i was mad. I now believe in the belt and think it should be used on the hands like in haiti because the kids in haiti would never dare to thing of making a wrong step. But the sad thing about the school we went to is that most of those kids get beat really bad at home. The pastor that we are staying with said that most of the kids hear are beat in chairs or tied to tables. You can really see the stories on the most of the kids faces. They would have scars all over there faces, necks and arms. they would have half an eyebrow because of a scar, or there cheek would be indented from a scar. like these are big scars. it was really sad.

I have mad some really cool friends here. there are all from the church and most of them have a very strong relationship with god. today we are all going up into the mountains ( and hour and a half walk) to have a retreat by a nice waterfall. I'm so excited to go. but the walk back is going to suck. ill have lots of pictures when i come home so don't worry.

well i hope everyone back at home misses me and i will see you all very soon. 18 MORE DAYS!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


were arrived safe and sound and have been doing ministries on the streets and in schools and in churches. everything is going well and we might not be going to Mexico anymore. there making a big deal about the flu so we might be staying the in the DR but we dont know yet. keep praying for us and check out my face book for more pictures.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

two big news

Number one

We are going to mexico!

All the Haitians but 4 have got visa to go to Mexico. So 5 of the DTS students will be going to Mexico and the other 4 will be staying in the DR. We are leaving on Monday May 4th to the DR for a week and then we (the students who have received the visas) will be leaving from the DR airport to Mexico. In Mexico we will be helping the homeless and will be staying at the base in Mazatland Mexico. The DTS team from Mazetland Mexico came sometime in February to help around the base here in St. Marc. Now we will be going there and do some work in that area and let people know who god is and what he wants to do for them. While we are in Mexico the team the will be staying in the DR will continue the work in DR. We will be coming home on the 28th of May which is a very exciting time because my mother will be at the base and be visiting me for a week. :)

Number two

I will be going to Thailand. At the beginning of my DTS I was noticing that i had a talent for making short little videos and making website and using computers, stuff like that. I had the opportunity to make a website for the new base that will be in Port au Prince. ( check it out) I then realized that I am able to use these talents in the mission field. here on the base there is a haitian named john wilgard and he is the videoographer on the base. His work here dose so much for the base by letting people know what YWAM is doing for St.Marc on television. all his work is put on websites and television and support videos and i just thought to myself that i could do something like that. Adrian Young the head director of the communications department in Thailand Had told me that he needed much help with his work he is doing.

What dose the communication department do?

The communications department is setup to serve all the 60+ ministries of Thailand. We do this in many ways. We run the YWAM Thailand website promoting all ministries. We send out regular print newsletters and e-letters to let the world know what God is doing here in Thailand. We provide services for all our ministries for creating brochures and other print materials, as well as videos and promotional materials. It is a great ministry to be a part of, because we help out so many ministries, and can see so much of what God is doing here.

God has given me so many opportunities to use the skills i have. For example thailand, also in Haiti. One of the teachers that came to the base has his own TV show and satellite/internet company that is all over Haiti, its called Haiti Satellite. He has given me his card and said if i ever wanted to work for him to email him. I was also given the opportunity to work at the new port au prince base as the camera guy and control the computer stuff and website. God is good and is giving me opportunities left and right.

I will be going for short term at first which is less then a year. If i like what work i'm doing and see that God is really using me and that i'm really growing in God then I will stay for long term. I can make the decision while i'm there to stay for long term, i don't need to come home and then go back.

Financial support

When i go to Thailand, the living expenses for short term a month is around 650$ US

-visa trips-25$

-multiple entry visas-30$



-phone and internet-30$






-heath insurance-90$

YWAM staff conferences-25$

Total- around 650 a month

If i stay for long term

-Language school-300$

-health insurance- 66$

-news letter postage-20$

-income tax-45$

-visa trips-23$

-multiple entry visas-25$


-housing- 90$

-utilities (water,electric)-30$

-phone and internet-20$






YWAM staff conferences- 7$

total a month- Approx 1000$

Im not worried about the financial part of my trip because i know God will provide me with all i need. I know this is what god wants me to do right now. He wants me to use my skills in the mission field and bring people to know him more. Now this doesn't mean I'm going to not make an effort to get the money i need because were suppose to take action to see god work in our needs.

If you are reading this and there is something saying that you should help me get where God wants me then do it because thats the holy spirt talking and you can be a part of what I'm doing. Pray about what you should do and how much you should give. If its a one time gift or a monthly supporter. Not everyone is called to be a missionary but i believe if we are not called to be missionaries then we are to support our missionary. God will provide for you if you give with a willing heart.

If you want to become a supporter for one time gift or monthly contact me at thank you so much for taking the time to read my blogs and i hope you will continue reading.