Monday, February 23, 2009


Had a great time. we performed numerous times. it was one of the most scariest times of my life as well, but defiantly one of the best. There was thousands of people clogging the streets dressed in crazy clothes and makeup. singing and dancing. The haitians are so influenced by music here. when you play a song that has a nice beat to dance to they flock to the speakers and go crazy. There was a couple of fights that went on in the crowd and there were a couple of people that got shot that night. I wasn't around when that happened but i saw all the police in actions. 
we stopped in front of a big live tv station and they filmed our dramas and dances. ya we were all over the tvs in haiti. well the ten that have tv's i guess. no i'm kidding there are more that have tvs, but i was recognized yesterday from our performance the day before. a girl came up to me and said hey your that guy who was dancing on terry's float, and when we were performing yesterday two people came to me and said that they liked the way i move and dance. 
alot of guys were walking around with condoms hanging on a chain that they wore around there neck and in the side of there hats. all the girls would be wearing these little clothes even if they were huge. ha. but this was a place that needed our light to shine through and it is god who protected us that night.
the only time i was scared was when we were on our way back to the base and i was sitting on the back of the float with a bunch of people. there was a bunch of guys following our float dancing and lifting up there shirts, punching and kicking each-other, swearing and cursing, but they never touched any of us. Mariam who is 16, was siting decide me, she was one of the students at the ywam base. she had these shoes that looked like they were going to fall off and i told her that she might want to take of her shoes because they are going to drop. she said oh no they will be fine and what do you know her shoe falls off into this crowd of crazy people and she screams "oh no my shoe my shoe my shoe". i just watched it fall away into the crowed and no one was getting it for her so i jumped off and keep my eye on it. i felt like i was in the lion king at that part where simba was trapped in all of those antelope things but anyways. I was almost at the shoe and some guy swooped it up and ran towards the float. i started to follow him and was going to get that shoe back but he ended up giving it back to mariam. wow what a relef, to think that i didn't have to go beat up this guy for a shoe haha no i'm kidding but i'm happy she got her shoe back.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

spiritual warfare

sooo my blog... ya i don't write on it too much but i am way too busy to write. im going to try and write sat and wed, but dont count on it.
this week we have been talking about spiritual warfare with terry. terry is the head guy at this base and his teachings put you to sleep. He has a good message and all and i understand everything but his teaching puts you to sleep. he will start with a point and then go into a huge story forgetting what he talked about. he even says to himself "what was i talking about"
on friday we went out to the section where mardigras will be held to pray and sing songs to defeat the enemy, claiming the land. before we left our truck stopped running. we could not get it started. the truck was in perfect condition and nothing was wrong with it before. everyone was in the back of the truck thinking what was going on. We soon realized that this was just satan not wanting us to go and pray over Gods land where the party will be taking place. We started praying in the back while terry was starting the truck. the truck just would not catch and start. We started to sing songs of praise and the louder we got the closer we could hear the truck starting. all of a sudden the truck caught and we were off. i thought that was a really cool experience of spiritual warfare.
Were going out tonight to mardigras to perform out dramas and dances and shine our light in the darkness. I am excited but i'm nervous at the same time. Im not the kind of person to go out and do these types of things in front of a large crowd, but i'm going to do my best.  
today i went in the pool for the first time since i have been here. It was really nice. not to cold. Clayton my new friend here on the base went with me. he is a really cool guy from iowa. ill tell you how mardigras goes. if i don't write for two week then i was probably killed while performing. 

Thursday, February 12, 2009

the most exhausting week so far

so we have been learning dramas and dances for when we go on outreaches and i dont know how im still standing. I have been so exhausted. I have the dance and dramas down tho. today we were learning how to set up lighting and sound and the fog machine. im in charge of the fog. its fun i guess. wow im so tired. ugh. ok well what else. ummm nothing much just the same getting up at 5 and eating every couple hours. i know now that we are going to the states for outreach. i think were going to pa,fl,and tx. i dont really want to go to the states but i have to do what i have to do. We leave in march and we come back in the end of may. 
in two weeks we will be going to the 5th section. its a poor part of st.marc with no water and barley any food. the people are always sick and there is lots of voodoo. we will be staying there for 4 days reaching out to people and casting voodoo out of homes. cant wait. 
sorry if there are any spelling mistakes im just really tired and dont care right now. peace

Saturday, February 7, 2009

more company

yesterday was the last day of Cory's teachings on the holy spirit. It was a great week of learning and i enjoyed it alot. on fri we prayed for Brandon and worshiped. Brandon it this guys from the pa team who has been in a wheelchair for over 12 years. he got into a car accident when he was just young. he lost the ability to work his legs and his hands and to speak. he tough me some sign language. while we were all standing around brandon laying hands and worshiping the lord i asked to be filled with the holy spirit and to heal Brandons condition. people were crying,singing and dancing. that day was the first day i have truly felt the holy spirit and the presence of god. I love it so much that i try to do it every day in worship. when im filled with the holy spirit i feel light and tingly. goosebumps come over me every 30 seconds or so. its just a calm loving feeling that i think everyone should strive to do. 
Hailee came yesterday again for one day before she left for home. we talked and hung out till 1:30am, and then got up at 6, that was not fun at all. It was a sad time when she had to go but she said that she's coming back in may for my graduation.  after she left i washed some clothes till 12 or so and then passed out till 5. after supper we all went to the beach and watched the sun set. we sang together and at least 30 40 people came over and started to sing with us. it was amazing. all i could think of was when jesus was on the earth and how people drew to him when he started to talk about his father. little kids were dancing and singing at the top of there lungs. i could not stop smiling. i have some pictures but ill put them on later.

thanks for reading, and remember to seek the presence of jesus and the holy spirit because its an amazing feeling. we all have the ability we just need to ask to be filed with the holy spirit.

more company

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


k so i need to start writing on my blog alot more then what i have been doing. I am really sorry but i get so distracted here. there is just to many things i can do.  well lets start with yesterday. yesterday we started to paint the base. we picked out two colors that the inside of the base will be. i like the colors but allot of people dont. oh well. I got lots of paint on my hands and in my hair and i think i still have some in my hair. Might be getting my hair breaded by my friend coline. i think thats how you spell her name. i told her to only do half my head though just because i cant afford my whole head to be done.  but she said i dont have to pay.  i told her that i still only want half my head breaded just in case i dont like it. 
right now our speaker this week cory from P.A usa and he is really cool. Were talking about the holy spirit and im really enjoying it. he is really spiritual and hardcore like the ones at Bethel. haha. 
we went for ice cream around 9. just a  30 minute walk in the city of st. marc. I was a interesting walk and the ice cream was very good. it is always nice to have a nice cold tast in yur mouth. 
got to go to work tho 

my devo that i would like to share.

John 14:15-17
Jesus is talking about the way we can get to his father. 
he says: If you love me you will obey what i command. and I will ask the father, and he will give you another counselor to be with you forever--- the spirit of truth.
-Jesus promises the holy spirit to us when we accept and obey christ. The holy spirit is the most important and best gift god could ever give to us. the holy sprit is given to us by the father through the son and then to us. you can see that is true by the scripture i jus wrote. "and then i will ask the father". 
- in all the passages about the holy spirit, the holy spirit is referred to as HIM or HE. therefor he is a person. father spirit son. 3 in 1. 
- th holy spirit is a very powerful gift and you need to be asking for more of the holy spirit every day. more of you less of me.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

wow so i haven't been typing for a while but i'm going to tell you what i have been doing. i went to a haitian wedding. wow boring, i didn't really pay attention to any of it because this kid from another YWAM base would not stop talking to me haha. after the wedding we had cake and food and went bak home. it was very interesting but i don't think that i will want to go to another one. my lips are all healed but its happening again. i keep eating mangos and i cant stop. they are so addicting. two days ago Hailee and Daniel came to come visit me. there still here today and there about to leave this afternoon. Hailee cut my hair and it looks good. 
I have been really praying for what i should be doing after i graduate from ywama nd god has told me to stay with ywam, i asked to show me where i should go and where i should be and for something to come up. week later a guy named bill from the Jamaica ywam base came to teach our class and he brought up that he will be starting a new ywam base on one of the islands in the grenadines off of st.vincent. He said that he will be needing staff because he only has three staff so far. they will be focusing on children's camp and dts. I came to him wih some questions and he asked me some questions. he wanted to know if i have had camp experience and if i was able to work with computers because he want to set up internet cafes. Everything just fell into place and he gave me his contact card. He said i will have to go to the jamacia wyam base first and then when the team moves the the island i would go with them. I am going to pray on it and see how things work out. dont want to be making decisions to quickly.

the photos are from the wedding and on the beach picure. the first one