Saturday, March 28, 2009

today is the day

So we will be leaving at noon today to go to Port. God has provided places to perform our dramas and music. He has opened up parks and streets all over Port au Prince. We will also be staying in a broken down house with no electric or running water. I am so excited to see what god is going to do with us in these situations. Please keep us in your prayers for protection because port au prince is very dangerous. A lot of murders and kidnaping go on. Not all the time but it dose happen. to make you feel better we did talk about what we would do if some one stole something from us, grabbed us away, had a gun, pull a gun, hear a gun shot, or hear something about kidnaping or guns hahaa . so yeah we have plans on what we are suppose to do. so just keep us in your head and pray for protection.

Friday, March 27, 2009

going to PORT

I will be leaving tomorrow to go on the dts outreach in Port au Prince. This will still be in Haiti. Port au Prince is the capital of Haiti and has the highest population with some of the riches people in Haiti and the poorest people in haiti. Just to clarify i have not gone to Mexico yet and it still has not been confirmed that we will be going. We have not gotten the permission from the mexico leaders to enter the country. Please keep my team in your prayers as god works on opening doors for us.

back to port au prince. we leave tomorrow and will be helping out at orphanages and i think we will be staying at one. At night we will be preforming our Freedom dram that we did at mardi gras festival. We will be returning back here on thurs and leaving again on sat to the 5th section where we will be staying for 4 days. we come back wed or thurs and go back to port au prince shortly after for another outreach. Then we go to mexico (hopefully).

Yesterday we did a day fast for our outreach. we woke up at 5 i the morning and had prayer and worship till 12. no breakfast and no lunch. the fast ended at 530 so we were able to have supper. to me 12 hours with no food was not that difficult but it was a good experience just to focus on god and have prayer and worship for our outreach. God will open doors for us and we will go to mexico. If thats where he wants us.

Keep me in your prayers and thank you so much for the people who have been praying for me. i have been healthy and im still alive not missing home. haha. i do miss my dogs a little bit tho. Ok and my family. ill be back o thurs so i hope to write about what i did in port au prince.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

this week

This week there has been a lot of things going on. There has been a lot of trips going out to the 5th section to give out clothes and food. Clayton one of my friends on base loves to go out to the fith section and has been going out every time. he really has a heart for the people in that part of haiti. I wish i could go more and i would but the thing is they leave when im in class and i can not miss the classes because they are mandatory.
speaking of classes we had a teacher come from the states two weeks ago and teach us on "god in real life". It was really interesting how he was saying even trough creation you can see how big and how powerful god is. Look at the human body and how complex it is. look at the stars and the universes and the galaxies. its incredible how great our god is. There is no way that all of this could have been accidently made. god is good and made everything good. We also had a teacher come in and teach us about callings from god and the end times. The end times part was a little weird but i was just listening to what she had to say and took it to thought but some of the things she was saying i dont agree with. Im not going to mention what she was saying because i dont want to give any false thoughts so anyways. yeah
one of the DTS students steve fell from the top of a ladder and cracked his head open and broke his wrist. THERE WAS BLOOD EVERYWHERE. They ran him to a hospital and rapped him up but he's ok now. he has just been resting a lot.
Yesterday i spent all day at the beach and got my first sun burn. wow it was hot but in my head i was like "ohhh i never get sun burn" but i was wrong. Now it dosent hurt but i can feel a little bit on my shoulders, But i have a huge tan now, i am almost as black as some of the haitians here. At the beach we swam and caught big crabs and lizards. This one lizard i caught was huge. I was holding it by the tale and all the girls were getting pictures of it and then all of a sudden it moved and the thing dropped but i still had its tale in my hand haha. It was a big tale to. it was moving around like a little worm and everyone was freaking. It was a fun time yesterday and i hope were able to go again next week.
Little insight of what were are doing for the next week coming. I will have another teaching this week and the next weeek we will be in port au prince doing an outreach. after that we will be in the 5th section for 4 days doing an outreach, and yes we will be staying there for 4 days with no water,little food and in a mud hut house. after that we go back to port au prince and do one more outreach for a week. Then finally we leave Haiti and go to.............. MEXICO. so yeah. keep me and my team in your prayers because im going to need them. and dont forget to check out it still needs editing so yeah check it out.
Sorry for my grammar errors im in a rush because breakfast is almost done. and im no good at spelling anyways.

Friday, March 13, 2009


ok so i haven't blogged in an ice-age because i have not been doing alot of stuff. nothing to exciting, but i did have my first hot hot hot hot hot shower yesterday. Peterson, one of the leaders here said that i can take a hot shower at hs house because he remembered me saying that i would like a hot shower. it was pretty much the best feeling in the world. so every time you have a hot shower be thankful because not everyone in the world gets one.
I have been going to the 5th section a lot lately and have been helping peterson out with his new web site that i'm making him, he is starting a new YWAM base in Port au Prince Haiti and you can check it out if you want to. I would subject you do. He still needs alot of support to start it and if you feel something in your heart to give a little then give a little. even if its 10 dollars, every little bit counts and every bit of money if put towards the mission base.

sorry i haven't been writing a lot but please keep checking my blog.
I am leaving to go to mexico for our outreach as well just so everyone knows and i will let you know if that changes.

it really makes me happy that people are reading my blog and that you are praying for me tank you and im am sorry again for not blogging much. CHECK THE SITE THO. TELL ME WHAT I CAN DO DO MAKE IT BETTER.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

check this

Tdoay I will be wirtnig my bolg in a dfifrent way. yseretady my firneds grilfirned cmae and she is raelly cool. I mdae and gvae hailee her snog taht i mdae for her brihtady and she lvoed it. I hvae been satynig hleahty and hvae been wkornig hrad. Pealse keep pariyng for me and ill keep you udptaed as mcuh as i can. hpoe you cuold raed my bolg, jsut tuohgt i wloud try smotehnig new and fun.

us as english speakers, all we need is the first and last letter to read. CRAZY

Monday, March 2, 2009

Jealousy leads to hate

I wanted to share my devo this morning.
I have really been struggling with jealousy and i found a few verses that i thought were interesting. I know everyone struggles with jealousy at one point in there life and it can destroy relationships. don't do it.

Mar 3


numbers 12:1-5

miriam and arron were jealous of moses and got told them to not worry about what other people get but to worry about themselves.

James 3:13-18 

if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your heat ( which is jealousy) that is not coming from the heavens but from the earth, the devil.

I have been a really jealous person lately and i haven noticed that i have let the devil attack me more often by using that situation. Rev 12:10 says that the accuser(meaning satan) attracts day and nigh and thats what he was doing. I could hear satan in my head, giving me thoughts about people talking about me and it ended up leading to hating my best friend here. i prayed about it and We (me and my friend) talked about it and everything is fine now but the bible clearly says not to be jealous comes from satan and the earths doings.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

5th section

I have been going to the 5th section every sunday with jude and some other people. The 5th section is a village were there is no water for miles and very little food, kids dont were clothes because they dont have any and people are sick and injured and do not have the right materials and medicines to use. What terry dose it bring them food and oil ever once in a while. he has been doing it alot lately and will be going out this wed. He hands out shoes and clothes as well. When im at the 5th section i feel like i can really be a help to the people with prayer and love. God has really changed the 5th section by transforming the village. the village has turned to god and through out there voodoo.  there are some cases of voodoo in the village but terry is working on them. 
today we went out on taxis. that was interesting. it was alot faster and smoother then a car. once we got there we walked around and prayed for people that need prayer. once we were done we came back and the taxis set up a plan to get us (the americans) at the base first and have jude come in last. we whipped out our money and then grabbed it and dident give us the right change back. i lost about 150 goude.  oh well they need it more then i do.

5th section