Saturday, January 24, 2009

feeling better

OK. the pain from my stomach is gone and my lips are healing. the swelling went down and a riped of the scabs to fin a fresh layer or lip skin. feels so good. I'm still working lots on the school and almost passed out a couple of times. there is a guy named wess who the Haitians call lazy wess. hes a riped guy and really strong but hes just so lazy ha. so he picks up the shovel and scoops maybe 4 scoops and then he takes a 10 min break. really annoying but what can i do. he is American tho that could explain a little bit.
today some compassion kids came to the base because there is a team from Oregon that have sponsored kids in Haiti and they showed up today to visit there Spencer's. it was really touching. im learning how to play guitar. i have gotten down I'm trading my sorrows and another christian song. i also made one up with a girls named ester.
I'm going to a Haitian wedding today and I'm prepared to be board. hope i have fun tho. I'm going to get ready for it and ill be back some other time.

Monday, January 19, 2009

so sick

in the middle of last night i was craping like no other. now if this is disturbing you so far please stop reading. so i got up three times in the night to go to the bathroom. i have never felt anything like this before. When i went i felt like i was peeing like a girl or something. it was all liquid no solid what so ever. i felt fine until i woke up this morning.i had to go to the bathroom right when i got up and i felt like i was going to trough up. i waited by the toilet but nothing came up. i missed breakfast,quiet time,school,lunch,work and now supper. I could not move one bit. my muscles were sore, i was shaking, coughing and i felt like i had to throw up every second. lucy brought my some water and some salt that hydrates you. i took three pills for diarrhea and bo made me this nasty cold tea that helps the stomach.  i feel a lot better now since i had a  19 hour sleep. i think ill be fine for tomorrow and i will keep you updated. 

Saturday, January 17, 2009

more hard work.

i haven't been writing for a while because i have been working to hard and im way to tired. but its the weekend now and i get to rest. i got to sleep in today but for some reason i got up at 9 30. oh well. i just had spaghetti and i plan on going into town with philipson. were going to go to his family and visit. 

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a good but hard working day at ywam.

ok so this morning i woke up at 5:30, as usual, and eat breakfast it was the same thing we had yesterday. ppand j. i went to class around 8 and ended at 12. today we were learning how to hear the voice of god. very interesting. today i had to work really hard. my job from 1 to 5 was to get big rock from one side of the base to the other. i also had to pick weeds in the middle of the field. no shade, just wide open in 90 degree weather. fun fun fun. god really worked on my heart today i think. in my head i wanted to give up but i knew that that was satan speaking and not of god. we learned that today in school that the devil speaks to us alot. trying to make us quite and give up. i keep going tho. thinking positive. after the weeds i helped jude plant flowers in the front 
yard and water the grass that part was not as bad. after everything was done i felt a joy and relief in my heart for accomplishing my goals and it was because i did not give u. tonight i got to  talk to mariah and aunt stacey and hailee on skype. my friends sang them songs and talk about mariah. haha they think she is beautiful inside and out. anyways im really tiered and need to get up early. peace

Monday, January 12, 2009

first day of school

we wake up at 5 45 to make breakfast for 6. then we have worship with everyone. there is a group here from mexico and gwadaloop, i think thats how you spell it. anyways after worship we have quiet time to ourselves to talk to god. I was reading james chapter 4 which was all about submitting yourself to god which i s what i need to do throughout ywam. after quiet time we start school. 8:30 to 12. not to long but we dident do much today because we talked about that we will be doing. after school we have lunch. we had rice and chicken. mmmmmm. it was so good. after lunch we do work around the bass or in the city for 4 hours till 5. a filled 200 bootles with oil for cooking. i also packed a bunch of bags with rice. all of this was for the outreach team from mexico. they are going out to a city to hang out food and cooking oil for people tomorrow. i was finally done and i got eat supper. after supper i went to leums house to play wii. i just made friends with leum tonight but hes 8 so ya. i know im cool.

second day on a sunday

wake up around 8 or 9 i dont really remember when exactly it was but i got up had a nice shower and did all my stuff. the showers are very nice. I thought there would be a bucket and a cup but they have running water. you just had to pull on a little handle for the water to flow. anyways we eat breakfast. i think it was pp and j and water. very delicious.  i got to know all the haitians yesterday and i was very happy. my friend philipson is so cool. he speaks good english and he teaches my creol. we held church here around 6 pm and we filled the cafe. The music was awesome. jude the guy singer is so good at singing. i have never heard a male voice that makes my skin shiver. anyways i dident do much that day because sat and sundays are rest days. 

my view out my window and my bed

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Finaly here

I land in PAP and i get to the customs counter, i noticed that my bag that is on my back is not a heavy as it was when i got on the plane. i ran back outside and went to the plane and told the guy that my laptop was still on the plane. he asked me what it looks like and went up and got it. thank ya JESUS.  So I went all the way back and went through customs and proceeded to the baggage clam. I waited and waited and nothing came. so i was thinking to my self that the bag had come yesterday because i missed my flight. so i went to the baggage sevice desk and she said that it is here and i need to pick it up somewhere else. she directs me out side and to turn left and keep going. So i do that and i dont see anything. People are coming up to me saying things i dont even know what there saying. anyways a guy jumps in front of me with this sign with my name on it and my picture. he said mike .....mike johnson. i am here to drive yu to ywam. so... i explain to him that i need to pick up my suit case at this place. he said that is fine and took me. do you know how far that place was were he took me. 5 min walk down the road with cars wizzing buy and people yelling and screaming. How in the world did that lady at the desk think i would be able to get there on my own. 
ok so i get my stuff and were off. 3 hours drive to st marc. fun. NAT. we arrive and i am greeted by a haitin by the name of George. he took me to the place i was staying and i unpacked. I made a new friend on my first day. his name is philpson. yes he is Haitian and he can speak a little english. he showed me around and we watched tv. STE UP 2 was on and he was lovin it haha. it was in french tho so it wasent to enjoyable for me. i started to ask him what else is here, ok so this might blow you away but he said we have tv, we have a wii system, we have a pool, we have internet, we have a soccer field with grass, and we have a basketball court. I WAS LIKE WHAT. so ya thats right we played wii till 1 in the morning. that was my day and today is another. let ya know how it goes.

Friday, January 9, 2009

waiting waiting waiting.

me on the patio of the hotel board and enjoying the sun

sooo.... i got to flint and hopped on thew plane with no problems. I got to atlanta and hopped on another plane. no problems, now im in tampa and im here for a while. I arrive right on time and have an hour to get to my next plane, I had to go through security again because i was changing airlines, delta to american. Anyways once i go through the first part of security, were you have to take off everything and walk through the medal detector i was pulled aside right away. She patted me down because of my "baggy sweater". righhhhhhhhhht. they then put me in this huge machine that spun around me really fast and then blew air on my body. at this time i have little time to get to my flight, mabey 20 mins.  tey then tell me that my laptop failed a test that they do on them. they thought it was some sorta bomb or something. So the swabed it all over and all over my belongings and they found that there is some sorta material on my stuff that they dident know what it was. the held me for 30 mins and at this time i knew my plane was being boarded. they finally came to the conclusion that there was nothing wrong with my laptop and had me on my way to my so called flight. well i arrive at my gate and i was greeted by a young lady who knew my name. she said that it left and blah blah blah blah blah. she said she will try to get me on the next one. she then figured out that i will get to miami but i would not be able to get to Port au Prince. they sent me to the ticket area to speak about a room i can stay in. the manager got me a room in the marriott for a night and i was very happy. i was able to contact ywam and let them know that i will not be arriving till tomorrow at 12:30.
praise the lord that i was able to get and early flight, a room, and was able to get a hold of ywam to let them know.  no i have been bumming around the airport taking advantage of there amazing internet. thats my story for today and i hope that tommorow brings something not so exciting.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

A little nervous

Toady was CRAZY. I was packing and running around with my mom everywhere. I think we got everything but i know i will be forgetting something. I always do. Just want to add in this post that i am very thankful for you mom, the way you handled the situation today and dident flip out TO much. i know you were frustrated. thanks

I am 9 hours away from leaving this crap whole place called sarnia, hah. cant wait but a little part inside me is nervous. I dont know if its the flying thing, or not knowing what im getting into. not that i think im getting into anything boring or bad, its just the fact that i dont know where and whos all going to be there. And im definitely not nervous about leaving home. THANK GOD FOR THAT. I wont have to listen to any "Who left the oatmeal box empty!" Or "get off the Xbox, mariah needs on the internet!", things like that i will not miss hhaha. But i can say that i will kinda miss the dogs, and my family to i guess. well my next post will probably be when im in haiti.
peace out 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I rolled out of my bed this morning around 11:30 and plopped my self down on the computer. I noticed a little 1 above my mail icon. I opened the mail and what do ya know, i got an email from Haiti. I WAS EXCEPTED. so i started packing and ran around for some things i need to bring with me. SO EXCITED

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Before there was YWAM

I am waiting to hear back to see if i will be attending YWAM Haiti this sunday. I have just sent them the last sheet that they need to except me. Cutting it a little close i would say!