Friday, April 3, 2009

were back...but going again

We arrived today at 1:00pm and we were suppose to et here at 8:00am. Ill tell you later.
we arrive in port au prince a nice house that what almost finished being made with tiled floors and a bathroom with a toilet and a square room for a kitchen. it was really nice compared to what i was expecting. We set up our beds on the floor and packed everything in the house and we were set. The next day we prayed and clean the house. we rested most of that day but then we went out to do our drama and dance at night. We went to the park in clercine Port au prince. When we got there there was so many people and really loud music. We soon found out that there was a Guinness party at the park that was averting Guinness. Not a good crowd. but there was no violence and not to much mocking. That was our biggest crowd all week, there were at least 300 to 400 people there possibly more.
The next day we went out to different schools in the morning and talked with the principles to see what days we could perform our freedom project. God opened doors and we were able to get all the days filled with different schools. We were surprised because they were in there exam weeks. That night we did our drama at another park in maigate Port au Prince.
ok im not going to start getting into to much detail anymore. We did alot of drams and went to school.

the next week we stayed in the 5th section for a week also. It was probably one of the hardest but most amazing experience i have had. Every night we held a crusade in the middle of a field that was in the middle of no where. hundreds of local people would come and watch our dramas and pastors speak. During the day we were building a church and and school in the 5th section.
the 5th section was a great experience and i made alot of friends. we bathed in the river that had a hefty current to it and was completely brown but fun. wow there is so much more to say but i am extremely tired and need to pack and wash my clothes and we leave again for tomorrow. i might not be able to talk to you mom for a while because i dont think were coming back anytime soon. And were not going to mexico anymore were staying in haiti and might go to the dominican for a couple weeks. BYEEEEEEEE

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